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How to Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders

How to Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders

In my efforts to help the little creatures in my neighborhood- we made pine cone bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed. Today I noticed a squirrel dive out from behind a tree with his arms wide open. In slow motion he landed among a crowd of birds. Startled, the birds flew up a couple of feet. That's when I believe they realized it was just a squirrel so they immediately returned to their position- looking for food. Watching this … [read more]

Sharpie Marker Tie Dye T-shirts

sharpie marker tshirts (1)

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Sock Swiffer Covers

swiffer sock cover

A while back Miranda posted an Easy Crochet Swiffer Cover, as easy as it may be for her or an avid crocheter...it is not so easy for me! As hard as I have tried, I am NOT a crocheter! Trust me! I once made a "dish cloth" That ended up being a super hero cape for my daughters barbie dolls! I am awful! So, I thought we would test a swiffer cover for those of us less talented in the crochet department... Sock Swiffer Covers!   This is a very … [read more]

Vampire Doughnuts for Halloween

Vampire Doughnuts for Halloween

These Vampire Doughnuts really need no introduction. They are the cutest and easiest thing to do this Halloween- kids or no kids! Every doughnut comes with its own personality once you enter those plastic vampire teeth into the center hole. I used cherry flavored morsels for their eyes. Others on pinterest have used things like green skittles, chocolate chip morsels or whatever they can find around their house to use as the vampire doughnut eyes. While … [read more]

How to Make Ice Cream Bread!

Ice Cream Bread Recipe- 2 Ingredients!

We love it when readers post on our Facebook wall of things they have tried on Pinterest or are thinking of trying. Todays Pin-Test came straight from a reader who found a pin that claimed you can make bread with two simple ingredients: ice cream and self-rising flour!  Immediately I became super excited and had to try this Ice Cream Bread! Honestly, I expected this test to fail. It seemed ridiculous and I just couldn't fathom it. So, I was super … [read more]

How to Wash Shoes in a Front Load Washer

How to Clean Dirty Shoes in a Front Load Washer

I've been curious to know if I can wash shoes in a front load washer without ruining them or causing a racket in the machine. I recently bought my daughter, Olivia, a pair of canvas shoes at Walmart that were clearanced. I hesitated to buy them, knowing how quickly they would be soiled and ready to be in line as her next pair of play shoes. But they were only a few dollars and I just bought a brand new front load washer that so far has proven itself to … [read more]

Painting Cherry Blossoms with a Soda Bottle?

If you have been on Pinterest in the last year or two, I am sure that you have seen the beautiful painting of the cherry blossoms made by using a soda bottle! (If you haven't seen it, you are clearly not a pin-a-holic like me) I have been wanting to test this pin for a while, I have just never really got around to it. (I am a self proclaimed slacker...don't hate!) After redoing my daughters bedroom, I was in need of some "art" for the walls, and the Cherry … [read more]

Easy Crock Pot Apple Cider

Crockpot Apple Cider Recipe

Apples Apples and Apples. Now is a great time to be picking apples in the Midwest. My daughter, who is in preschool, recently took a field trip to the apple orchard and we have had apples on our minds ever since! Unfortunately we did not buy any apples from the orchard because, well, they were just way over-priced. However, thanks to a blog titled Over The Big Moon, I found this great crock pot apple cider recipe on Pinterest. It looked easy and it did … [read more]

Candy Corn Fall Wreath

Candy Corn Fall Wreath

Fall is such a great season for decorating your house from the inside out. This year I decided to make my own wreath and went straight to Pinterest for some ideas. The last wreath I made involved wrapping with yarn and I found that although it turned out beautiful, it was way too time consuming. So as I searched Pinterest I had a few guides I wanted to follow for myself. It must be simple, inexpensive and quick to make. When I ran across the Candy Corn … [read more]

Painted Wooden Spoons

Painted wooden spoons Pin Tested

I have seen tons of different painted wooden spoons on pinterest lately. They are beautiful! I love all of the bright colors and even the lighter pastels. Some of the spoons you dip in paint, some you brush on paint, and some I am pretty sure are really store bought! I really like the look of the painted wooden spoons, they  my only question was will it hold up with standard use? When I found a set of bamboo spoons on sale for $3.00 I decided that I didn't … [read more]