About Us

I am an easy going married mother of three with a decent sense of humor. Lets face it, life isn’t much fun without laughter. Even after ten years of marriage I am far from Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker. (I know,very surprising!) Throughout my years of “homemaking” experience I have embarked on many crafty endeavors, most of which ended in tragic failure. It wasn’t until my Sister-in-law (Ashley…Thanks Ashley!) introduced me to “Pinterest” that I realized just how crafty I could truly be. After trying a few pins (some that worked and some that didn’t) with my nearest and dearest friend Miranda- PinTriedIt was born!

When I became a mother to my two amazing girls, everything about me changed. I left my career to stay home and quickly began looking for ways to save and earn money online. I couldn’t believe all the ways I found and began sharing them online at WAHAdventures.com. Having a blog caused me to play around with web design and two years later I am now working from home as a professional web designer! The twists and turns in my life have all worked together to create something amazing.

While working online I began playing around with Pinterest and soon found myself addicted to pinning. My good friend Cassie was excitedly my enabler. I hope you enjoy the site and find our experiments useful.