Bread Clip Power Cord Labels

How many people out there have those handy little power strips? Most likely you have at least one in your home maybe even a half a dozen of them! I have them behind my computer desk and behind my entertainment center, heck I even have one in my kitchen. While these are very handy, giving you valuable outlet space where there was none, they can become a jumbled mess! While on Pinterest I saw a cleaver idea using a common household item…Bread Clip Power Cord Labels?


Bread Clip Power Cord Labels



What you need to make your Bread Clip Power Cord Labels:

  1. Bread Clips (after you are done using them for bread…we don’t want stale bread unless you are making croutons!)
  2. A Permanent Marker
  3. A Power strip that has cords that need labeled

How to make your Bread Clip Power Cord Labels:

First you need to use a permanent marker to write the corresponding name to the type of power cord you are labeling. Next you need to double check that the label and the cord match, and then hook on the bread clip label. It is as simple as that!

What I thought:

Honestly, I really like this idea! Before this I had labeled all of my power cords with a piece of tape and a marker. One thing I don’t like about the tape label is that it leaves a gross sticky film on the cord. When using the Bread Clip Label, you avoid this sticky situation! Who needs one more thing to clean? With three kids and a husband to clean up after, the last thing I want to clean is some sticky crap off of a power cord! That is why I LOVE this Idea!

The possibilities are endless. HA HA Well they are endless as far as what you plug into your power strips. You can use it for behind your Television to organize the cords of your TV, DVD player, BluRay Player, Video Game console and whatever else you have near your television. You can also use it for organizing your computer cords…your computer, printer, wireless router, and anything else you need!

Thinking outside the box:

In the high tech world we live in, most people have one or two wireless devices.(some people have more…ah hem, me being one of those people) While pondering the possibilities of these glorious Bread Clips (Is that overkill? I think not!) I had an idea. What better way to label all of those charge cords? From iPods and iPads to Kindles and cell phones…Bread Clips, Bread Clips, Bread Clips, Bread Clips!!!!! Label, Label, Label,Label!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am going to have Bread Clips labeling

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all of the power cords in my house!

The idea for the Bread clip power cord labels is all over Pinterest! It is hard to give credit where credit is due, so I am thanking Pinterest for this Awesome idea!!!!



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