DIY Gift Bows

Do it Yourself Gift Bows make for an easy way to look like a gift wrapping pro. My sister loves to go over the top with her gift wrapping- making it hard to unwrap her beautiful artwork. This year I may have just the thing to give her a little competition. A blog called gave a tutorial on how to make your own Gift Bows that I found through Pinterest.


DIY Gift Bows


Let me start off by saying just how easy these DIY Gift Bows LOOK. Maybe I am just completely uncoordinated but here are the instructions and where I struggled:


Cut strips of hefty weighted paper- I used scrap book paper.

Cut a total of 7 strips of paper. You will want 3 Long Strips, 2 about an inch shorter, 1 another inch shorter and a smaller 3 inch strip.

I made my longest strips about 3/4 inch wide and 12 inches long.

The first attempt I made at these bows I used strips starting at about 8 inches in length- which was too hard to manage. The paper wanted to wrinkle and fold as I tried to go through the steps so I suggest longer strips.


Bend the paper into Figure-8’s

I found this to be strangely difficult. Not sure why- but my mind and hands had a hard time working together to making this happen. I call them figure-8s because that makes sense but what really helped me understand how to bend them around was thinking of those awareness ribbons- how they bend around. Use that same technique on each side.

Staple each piece in the middle to hold together.

The smallest strip you have should simply be made into a circle and stapled together as well.


Stack Biggest to Smallest

Starting with your three larger strips, begin stacking them to form your bow. Between each piece place a piece of two-sided tape (or tape simple folded back around on itself) to hold it together.

The circle strip should be placed in the center.

The original Pinner says you should then staple the entire bow together in the center– but I did not find it to be possible.


Because I could not secure it well in the center, the bow could easily disassemble. If I make these again I will be sure to use stronger tape– maybe even packaging tape.


DIY Gift Bows Verdict

They look like store-bought bows. You can customize them with beautiful scrap paper or get creative and let your kids scribble on some paper or even use newspaper.

This isn’t really a huge money saving pin or a time saver. However, if you are in a crunch and can’t make it to a store before you must have a gift presentable- you can whip DIY Gift Bows together on your own. Plus, if you are all about having perfectly wrapped gifts- this would be a great way to ensure your have the perfect matching bow for your wrapping paper!

Additionally, I am thinking of trying this out with a variety of paper weights and lengths to see if my daughters and I can come up with something creative and unique for a little fun.


I would call the DIY Gift Bows a Pin-Proved-It Success!

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