DIY Lotion Bars

I have seen tons of different recipes on Pinterest for Do-It-Yourself Lotion bars. I have always wanted to make my own, it just seemed that most of them required a ton of different ingredients. When I came across a pin that said you could make them with only three ingredients I had to try it.



  • 1 part Canola oil  (you can also use olive oil)
  • 1 part Coconut oil
  • 1 part bees wax (we grated ours so it would melt faster)

After measuring out your equal parts, add them to a saucepan and heat on low/medium. When everything is melted together it is ready for you to pour it into a mold. Once it sets up it is done! Easy Peasy!

  • To make your lotion bars easy to remove from your mold you can stick them into the freezer for a few minutes until they are cold and they will pop right out!
  • Also, don’t store your lotion bars in direct sunlight or heat. They are a solid lotion bar but they are made to “melt” so that you can rub them onto your skin… I keep mine in the fridge 🙂

The Verdict

These are definitely a Pin-Proved-it! They are easy to make, they smell wonderful, and they make my skin SUPER soft! Plus These would make great and inexpensive Christmas gifts, especially for teachers!




  1. […] Now that it’s summer, it seems like the season’s motto is, “the more skin the better”.  Living in Nevada, dry skin is inevitable, so I’m always searching for great moisturizers.  While looking through the Beauty section on Pinterest, I found a recipe for lotion bars and was instantly intrigued. I was lacking a few ingredients in my pantry, so I headed down to Whole Foods and picked up bee’s wax, lavender oil (the smell is intoxicating), and ½ vegetable ½ canola oil blend.  I already had a jar of coconut oil from when I was on my Paleo baking kick. The link to the original pin and full recipe can be found here. […]

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