DIY Oil Plugin Air Freshener Refill instructions

How to Make Your own Air Freshener Refills

Last November I was sucked into Bath and Body Work’s Oil Based Air Fresheners, Wallflowers. It was Black Friday around 2 am and I was in a mall where mobs of teenagers were nearly trampling each other to get a once a year discount on Victoria’s Secret panties. It is something I will never be able to ‘get’. Why you need to employ police officers to control a shopping crowd. I mean, I could “get it” if the

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underwear for free!

But I digress…

I found myself in Bath and Body Works basically for the sake of saving my own life. While there I fell for their amazingly discounted wallflower plugin air fresheners. Bath and Body works has a nice variety of some pretty amazing scents. I ended up spending a lot of money there, more than I will allow myself to admit to my husband. But it is now April and I have run out of Wallflower Air Fresheners. And honestly, I cannot afford to keep purchasing them!

Fortunately for me, I ran across a pin on Pinterest through Budget Savvy Diva with instructions for making your own oil plugin-in air freshener refill!


Making Your own Oil Plug-In Air Freshener Refill

Step 1. Remove the wick and rinse the bulb.

remove the air freshener wick

Step 2. Fill the bulb with a scented oil. An essential oil would be great if you have concerns about the chemicals in the typical air fresheners.

Step 3. Replace the wick.

put wick back onto bulb

Step 4. Plugin and Enjoy!

plugin air freshener


I found that the DIY Air Freshener Refill works amazingly well!

I have read a lot of scary things about the dangers of air fresheners, in particular the Wallflowers. Apparently they often contain chemicals that are toxic. I am assuming that using essential oils would be a healthier choice.

However, essential oil is not cheap. Regardless it is still saving me money compared to paying Bath and Body Works $12 for a pack of 2 refills!

Walmart sells scented oils that are meant to be placed

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in the warmers. I am going to do a little research to see if those have the same toxins you find in most other plug-in air fresheners. If they are safe to use, then that would save me even more money!

We have tested and PinProved the DIY Oil Plugin Air Freshener Refill


    • Miranda says

      I am not sure. I think if you want to play it the safest as possible then Essential Oils would be best.

      However, this post could use an update. I stopped using these after they began leaking around the plugin!!! Im not sure if it was all human error, like maybe I didn’t put the plug back in all the way??

  1. Liz says

    I found this post via Google. So glad it’s easy to take the wick off! I bought liquid potpourri at the Dollar Store. It’s a huge bottle that comes in vanilla or cinnamon apple and it says it’s non-toxic so I hope it is. Where can you find more wicks to use since you have to replace it?

    • Mona says

      Try the craft stores if they don’t have the exact item they will have a similar product that might need creativity to make

    • Mona says

      Dollar store liquid potpourri has other uses intended for it the fragrance just won’t diffuse strong if at all it over90% water

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