Homemade Fire Starters

My wonderful

husband built me a fire-pit last year, and we build tons of fires in it. We use it to roast hot dogs and marshmallows all of the time. We also do a lot of night fishing where we build fires each time. The hardest part of of building a fire is getting it started. Paper burns out to fast and doesn’t really catch the wood on fire. When I saw a homemade fire starter on Pinterest I knew it was a pin that I had to make and test.

Homemade Fire Starters


What you need for your Homemade Fire Starters:

  1. Empty Toilet paper tubes or Empty Paper towel tubes
  2. Dryer lint….that’s right Dryer lint!!!!

How to make your Homemade Fire Starters:

  • First you take your empty Toilet paper tubes and stuff them with Dryer lint. ( don’t stuff them to tightly or they won’t work as well)
  • Secondly you place your Homemade fire starter in your fire pit or campfire.
  • Light it and watch it BURN!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA (carefully watch it burn that is) (Oh, and never play with fire) (and always keep away from children)

How I tested it:

My husband and I went fishing the night before last, and I thought that this would be the perfect time to test this pin out. I wasn’t sure how much dryer lint to put in the tubes, so I tried a bunch of different ways. First I tried the the tube that I stuffed really tight. That tube just seemed to smolder on itself. So I decided that I would add just one more fire starter to see if it would take off. The second homemade fire starter that I made was not crammed full of dryer lint, but just enough to make it full…again not packed full, just loosely placed inside.

Did it work?

The second tube seemed to do the trick. It caught fire and almost instantly caught the pieces of wood on fire. Mind you we didn’t have any small pieces of wood for kindling. Although I have only tested this pin one time, I would say that it was a success! In the middle of the night we ran out of dry wood to use for the fire (It started to rain! YAY and EWW, but more EWW.) I threw a fire starter in to the fire and it took off again even lighting the moist logs

that we were using!

What I thought:

I am not sure where this Pinterest Pin originated from, but I would like to say thank you to whoever came up with this Idea! I will be packing these Homemade Fire Starters every time we go fishing!!! I always love when a pin test works, I love it even more when it is free!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! The thing I love the most is that I am using things that I would have normally thrown away.(Unless I found something on Pinterest to test with them 🙂 )

Pin Tested- Pintriedit approved!



  1. Jen says

    We use this method everyday for our wood burning stove. With a family of four we go through a lot of toilet paper rolls and laundry. I keep a basket full ready to go all year round. We haven’t had to purchase ready logs at all this season.

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