Homemade Pore Strips

I was overjoyed when I saw a pin for Homemade Pore Strips on Pinterest. Being the self proclaimed cheapskate that I am, saving over ten dollars excited me! It seemed easy enough and I had all of the ingredients to make it, so why not give it a try? Or so I thought…

The pin that Changed my life FOREVER:

Forever might be a bit harsh, but before I tell you how I made my homemade pore strips let me say that this pin test is the very reason that Miranda and I started Pin-Tried-It! Be sure you read my “Words of Warning” BEFORE you try this pin…

Homemade Pore Strips

What you need:

  • 1 Tablespoon UNFLAVORED Gelatin
  • 1 and 1/2 Tablespoons Milk (any kind)

How to make your Homemade Pore Strips:

  1. Mix milk and UNFLAVORED Gelatin
  2. Heat in Microwave for 10-15 seconds
  3. Apply to face (Make sure to test the temperature before you put it on your face…It May be to HOT)
  4. Let dry for 15 minutes or until dry
  5. Peel off

It’s all down hill from here:

I mixed up my homemade pore strips with the high hopes of saving money and having unclogged pores.ย  I heated up my “Gelatin solution” just like I was supposed to, and as I was brushing it on I was overwhelmed by the sent of Alpo…that is right…Alpo. For those of you that do not know what Alpo is…It is DOG FOOD!!!! This “solution” Stinks! It has a smell that is a mixture of Alpo and wet dog! EWWWWWW!!! I thought to myself that this must be where that old saying “Pain is Beauty” came from!

Against my better judgment I kept slopping the pore strip solution onto my face. I am normally a pretty wise person. However, one of my downfalls is that I give people to much credit and trust that what they say is true.The original pin stated that this DIY pore strip was “safe” for your whole face…I have found this not to be the case. I was not going to post pictures of my face at first. I was just simply going to tell you my results,and let them speak for themselves. As you can see from my picture above… I felt words would not do justice to how BAD this really was!

The Verdict:

It is VERY painful to remove the pore strips especially from your check area. I am no wimp! I don’t even flinch when I get my upper lip or eyebrows waxed. (although I will not need an eyebrow wax for a few months now) I feel that this pin was miss labeled. It should be labeled as a hair remover! Just kidding. I had to call Miranda when I was taking the pore strips off of my face. I was in shock, and I was missing half an eyebrow!!!! This pin is 100% a Pin FAIL! It didn’t remove much of anything from my pores and I was missing Half an eyebrow! I hate to keep saying that, but I am missing half an EYEBROW!!!! I saved my second eyebrow (and what was left of the first one) with a washcloth and very warm water! Thank GOD!!!!! Now the only thing left for me to is to search Pinterest for a way to draw in eyebrows! (or half of one)

Words of WARNING:

  • The Solution Stinks…like wet dog butt!
  • It is VERY painful to remove the pore strips
  • DO NOT get this solution on your hair or eyebrows…or you will loose them!




  1. Erica says

    LOL – as I was reading this, I was thinking “This sounds more like a hair remover than a pore strip.” And as far as your eyebrow… I had something similar happen to me once when I was trying to remove a stray eyebrow hair and ended up shaving off half of one eyebrow with a little shaver thing that I have… all I did was get an eyebrow pencil that was about the same color as my eyebrow and drew in the part that was missing until it grew back – I don’t think anyone will notice unless t hey’re nose to nose with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      i hate blackheads i have them on my nose and im only 13 its so sad bfoere i knew it was called blackheads i thouht it was hairs on my nose so i use 2 try? and wax it lol but its not. i tried so many thing like netrogena blackhead elimnating scrub some clean and clear but none of dem work and werid is my skin i really dry so yh

  2. Nat says

    I’ve actually done this a few times, but I used water instead of milk and put paper towel on top of the ‘mask’ before it dried. It’s easier to peel off that way.

  3. Abby says

    Hahaha! I did this about 2 weeks ago (not over my eyebrows though) and was dang near crying when I got to my cheeks! I did notice it pulled gunk out of the nose area..so I’d suggest if anyone wanted to do this to ONLY use it on your nose/chin area. I’m laughing really really hard though because I have the brown sugar and water spray in my hair right now. While waiting for it to dry, I figured I’d look for anyone else who tried it and that’s how I ended up here! So far, it’s not awful..but I’m also using a round brush on it every few minutes to try to help keep the curls from forming. I guess we’ll see! Thank goodness I don’t have to go anywhere today! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Miranda says

      Ha Ha Abby! You sound like a die-hard pin tester! haha let us know how the brown sugar treatment turns out for you!!

  4. says

    I think in most beauty products whether branded or not, one must not touch the eye area from eyebags area up to the brow area, because the skin there is too thin and sensitive and tends to wrinkle first.

    With your experience, I think you could have made use of a little warm watter for areas that was too hard to peel to soften the gelatin. Hence, if you are a first timer, it is always best to test on a small portion first.

    So sorry about your brow, every woman’s eye definer.

  5. Barb says

    Here’s a great way to save $$ on pore strips: Don’t buy them! Ever!
    A dermatologist told me that while he’s sympathetic to the ooo gross satisfaction you get from seeing that little forest of black hairs on the strip, the pore actually goes much deeper than that. You’re not really solving the problem.

    Worse: pore strips contain a hairspray-like substance on one side. It sticks to the material within your pores, but when you rip the strip off, it stretches the pore. Over time, this leads to enlarged pores, in which material collects, leaving you with a nose filled with blackheads.

    Use a good cleanser, maybe use a soft face brush if you have blackhead problems, but don’t waste your money on pore strips.

    • Ashley says

      You can use rubbing alcohol to shrink your pores, it won’t happen right away, but over time…and it will also clean anything that was left behind after using a wash…plus, it’s a disinfectant…so you can actually be preventing future breakouts…

  6. Brittney says

    i tried this too but it didn’t hurt when it got to my cheeks. i figured that it probably pull out hair, but sorry about your eyebrow!

  7. says

    Hi I saw the top part and was like I need this! And then I kept reading…I’m so sorry for you!!! Next time try using Vaseline it’ll keep the hair on your face! I know from so painful experience

  8. Cranky says

    A much cheaper and simpler pore strip substitute is white glue – Elmer’s, with the orange top. Just apply a thin layer, let it dry a bit, add one or two more layers (dry a bit in between) let the whole kit and kaboodle dry for about 15-20 mins, then peel. viola! (I would not recommend it for the eye area or eyebrows!)

  9. Dawn Cheek says

    I use plain old fashion Elmers school glue. The liquid kind. It works just like the high dollar pore strips!! I promise! Make sure you put it on in the thinnest layer possible, let it dry completely & just peel off. You can see all the nasty gunk that was in your pores on the glue strip. I KNOW this works & will save you tons of money ๐Ÿ™‚


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