Homemade Swiffer Duster Replacement

Spring is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but this is the time or year when I start wanting to “Spring clean“. Having the windows and doors closed up all winter makes for a stuffy and dusty house. What better way to get rid of  all of your stuffy dustiness than with a Homemade Swiffer Duster Replacement.
Homemade swiffer-duster-replacement by Pintriedit

What you need for your Homemade Swiffer Duster Replacement:

  1. A swiffer wand
  2. Microfiber cloth or Fleece.
  3. Sewing machine or Sewing Needle with Thread
  4. Scissors

How to make your Homemade Swiffer Duster:

  • Cut 2 pieces of microfiber cloth into 4 inch by 6 inch pieces.
  • Cut 2  pieces of microfiber cloth into 8 inch by 8 inch pieces.
  • Place one of the small pieces of cloth on top of each of the larger pieces.
  • Sew each small piece to the top of each large piece. Right down the center.
  • Place the two large cloths together with the two small pieces facing out.
  • Fold the small piece of cloth to the side. (both the small pieces to the same side)
  • Sew the large pieces together leaving a  1 & 1/4 X 6 inch slot for the handle to slide into.
  • Cut the cloth into fringe around the swiffer holder

Our results:

I made a homemade swiffer duster using both fleece and micro fiber cloths. The first one that I tried was the fleece. It did okay, I don’t think that it worked near as good as the original swiffer duster though. The second one that I tested was the microfiber one. This was hands down better than the fleece one. My only complaint on the microfiber one is when you cut it. When I cut mine all of the little blue fibers came flying off. My table and my kitchen floor was covered with it. However I don’t feel that this was that big of a deal for how much better it cleans than the fleece one.


What we thought:

I love this idea! Well, I love anything that saves me money!!!!! I also love that it cuts back on waste. This Pinterest pin was very easy to test. It took more time to wait in line at the fabric counter than it did to make this Homemade swiffer duster replacement.

Pin-Tried-It and Pin-Proved-It

I have seen ideas for this all over Pinterest…Here is the one I used.


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