How to Cut Glass Wine Bottles

How To Cut Glass Tutorial by

We love it

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when readers send us suggestions for things to test on Pinterest. Case in Point is the How To Cut Glass Wine Bottles tutorial that has been floating around Pinterest for quite a while. I have been wanting to try it out for weeks but it wasn’t until Cassy, a reader, asked us to find out if it really works.

I have to admit. This Pin Test had me slightly nervous. And for good reason, we are talking about glass, fire and cutting! By the time I finished this test I ruined a t-shirt and was bandaged up!


How to Cut Glass Wine BottlesGlass Cutting Supplies

Cutting a glass wine bottle requires very simple household items that include:

  • A Glass Bottle or Wine Bottle
  • Twine (we learned that even a shoe string will work)
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • A Lighter
  • A Bucket of Ice Water
  • Eye Protection for the Safety-Minded


How to Cut Glass Wine Bottles

First step to cutting glass wine bottles is dipping your string into acetone, or nail polish remover.

Then wrap the string around the wine bottle a few times and tie it off.

To cut glass wine bottles- wrap twine around bottle

Next you will light the twine on fire.

Light the bottle on fire to break

If your twine

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is not catching on fire, like it didn’t for us, then you may have been soaked it in the nail polish too

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I am not sure why, but in our attempts, we found when we only dipped the string into the nail polish remover, it would catch on fire. But if we let it soak– it wouldn’t.

I have no idea why.

Bottle on fire

Once the string catches on fire you should rotate the bottle so that the fire moves all around the bottle. You will be able to turn the bottle about a dozen times before the flame goes out.

As soon as the flame goes out- dip the bottle into your bucket of ice water.

Put glass bottle into ice water

Within a second or so of putting the bottle into the freezing water, you will hear a pop.

When you pull the bottle back out, it will be in two pieces.

We cut glass with nail polish remover


Did the Glass Cut Smooth?

Our first attempt to cut glass wine bottles with nail polish remover and fire wasn’t a complete 100% success. As you can see in the picture above, there were fracture cracks around the brim. The glass also did not cut evenly around and was instead somewhat jagged.

We think it was our error because the jagged part was in the same place our knot for our string was.

Our second attempt was slightly better:

Cutting Glass at home

We noticed that the glass cuts above where our twine was placed. Which is another thing about all of this that confuses me.


Uses for Cut Glass Wine Bottles

Cutting glass wine bottles is actually a lot of fun to do. I read where some were taking old wine bottles and cutting them to turn them into glasses for wedding parties. So, my husband sanded the edges of one. I am drinking cherry coke out of right now!

Use Sandpaper on Cut Glass Edge to turn into a drinking Glass for a wedding!

Another use I found on Pinterest was to place a candle inside and then stack the bottle back together.

Be Warned:

I consider myself to be at least somewhat intelligent.

I had a high SAT score in school.

My level of common sense is at least average.

But even I apparently have complete blond moments.

Freshly cut glass wine bottles are very sharp.

Very sharp.

Don’t try to dry the glass bottle with your shirt.

And if you do, have band aids, a change of clothes and a phone near you!

cutting glass dangers




  1. says

    Such a fun pin test! Love the idea of repurposing the jar. I think I probably would have done the same thing as you end also ended up with a holey shirt and a bandaid if it makes you feel any better!

  2. Angela says

    I tried the method where you score the bottle then use a candle and ice until it “pops”….I’m now going to try this method and see which one is cleaner and faster.

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