How to Remove Rust from Kitchen Knives

Remove Rust from Kitchen Knives

I have desperately needed to figure out how to remove rust from kitchen knives for a while. My husband and I have had a fairly nice kitchen knife set for many years. Unfortunately for the last couple of years the knives have had rust spots all over them. (Apparently because I shouldn’t be putting them in the dishwasher). We have looked

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at buying a new knife set but have repeatedly put it off because…well have you seen how expensive knives are? Our knives work just fine, but the rust is embarrassing when guests are over. What better place to find solutions to household problems than Pinterest!? Of course, an article from SweetCourts16 sharing her method to remove rust from

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kitchen knives can be found all over Pinterest!


How do You Remove Rust from Kitchen Knives?

According to the original pin you simply fill a cup with lemon juice for just a few minutes then remove and scrub with a sponge.


My Experience

For me, removing the rust from my knives was

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not quite as simple as the original post. I actually had to leave my knives soak in the lemon juice for over an hour before I could scrub off the rust. Unfortunately the rust still did not completely come off on some of the bigger spots, but it did dull the appearance of the rust. However, I tried it later with one of my newer and more high-quality knives and it worked just as the original pin said it would. After just a few minutes, the rust rubbed right off with the sponge.

Before and After Rusty Knife Proof


The PinTriedIt Verdict

This absolutely works. However, the length of time and scrubbing power you put behind it may be determined by how badly rusted the knives are and the quality of the metal. Regardless, I am thrilled than an hour soak and a little scrubbing my knives no longer need replacing. This pin saved me over $100 on a new kitchen knife set!!

Pin Proved It!


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    Hey there, glad you tested it out. I usually don’t put any knives in the dishwasher and rather wash them by hand then immediately dry the knife. 🙂 I’m a little OCD about it. However, I am looking to buy some carbon steel knives from ebay and many of those are quite rusty with lots of “character.” I believe that the pH of lemon juice can vary since it’s a organic product and distilled vinegar might work also even though it’s pH is normally a little higher than the most acidic lemon juice. Thanks for the proof!


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