Marshmallow-a Sore Throat Fix?

Need a Sore Throat Fix? Try a Marshmallow!?

Sore Throat Fix

This time of year my whole family always ends up with some sort of head cold and sinus infection. I can’t blame our bodies for being so weak right now. Between the pollen from all the leaves falling off the trees and the constant change in weather, we keep sniffling, aching and coughing. I am not one to over-play medicine. I like to  allow mine and my children’s body do their best to fight the little sicknesses on their own. I strongly believe it helps build our immune systems. Therefore, things like sore throats usually go untreated and we are left to just deal with the best we can. We have tried sore throat fixes such as hot tea with honey but it seems to be a temporary fix, if it does anything at all. And cough drops only help while it is in your mouth. Is there such a thing as a true Sore Throat Fix?

Budget Savvy Diva shared on Pinterest that a simple Marshmallow is not just for hot cocoa but is a Sore Throat Fix too!?

Now, I will admit that when someone first shared this pin with me I didn’t believe them. But then Cassie tried it a few days later and swore it worked. Again…sorry Cassie…but I had my doubts. Guess I’m not as trusting as Cassie. Finally, several weeks later, the day came when I woke up with a sore throat. I was excited to try this tip out and see if a Marshmallow really is a Sore Throat  Fix.


It worked! Not only did it relieve my sore throat but the marshmallow, a single marshmallow, cured my sore throat! It never returned! Now, I didn’t have a severe sore throat. It was a little less than moderate actually. But the first thing I will grab when I get seriously ill with a sore throat is a marshmallow!

We Pin-Proved This Marshmallow Sore Throat Fix!

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  1. Sierra says

    Ok so I’ve had strep for about 3 days and 4 nights now. I just read this and tried 3 marshmallows and I can honestly say it doesn’t work. I have tried EVERYTHING to cute my sore throat. Do you have any other tips? The doctors say this is the worst case they’ve ever seen. I just wanna eat food again ):

    • Cassie says

      I don’t think that the Marshmallow trick is for strep. It is more for someone with a scratchy throat. If you have strep, usually the doctor will prescribe you with medications to help stop it. When I have strep, I make a warm water and salt mixture and gargle it. Hope this helps.

    • Miranda says

      Sounds like it is pretty bad. I have also used hot lemon tea with honey and that soothes my sore throats- unfortunately its a temporary fix like a cough drop though.


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