How to Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders

In my efforts to help the little creatures in my neighborhood- we made pine cone bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.

How to Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Today I noticed a squirrel dive out from behind a tree with his arms wide open. In slow motion he landed among

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a crowd of birds. Startled, the birds flew up a couple of feet. That’s when I believe they realized it was just a squirrel so they immediately returned to their position- looking for food. Watching this scene made me realize- this must be a very important time for the animals.

No more relaxing.

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calling for a pretty rough one this year with lots of snow and ice. Judging by the weight gain of the squirrels in my yard- I think the squirrels are preparing for the worst.

Making a few bird feeders for your outdoor friends is really simple and can be a lot of fun for the kids too.


How to Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders

First, gather up a few pinecones from a pine tree. I actually don’t have a pine tree in my yard but I had already gathered a bag full from my local park. I’m hoping to use them this Christmas for decorations. Not sure if I will make a wreath or maybe string them up for garland. I digress.

Next, spread peanut butter all over the pinecone. I like to get the peanut butter deep inside the pinecone so it can hold as much of the good stuff as possible.

Peanut butter on Pine cone for bird feeders

Finally, roll the peanut butter covered pinecone around in a bowl of bird seed. You may want to use your hand to press as much of the bird seed as possible into the peanut butter.

Ella making her pine cone bird feeder

Using some string or yarn- you can hang these outside or even just lay them down on the ground. If you hang them up- find a place where the birds can stand and peck the seeds out of the peanut butter.


My Experience Taught Me

My experience making these pine cone bird feeders taught me that if at all possible- do this outside. There was very little foresight to what I was doing. There was bird seed EVERYWHERE in my dining room. I am still finding little seed balls rolling around from time to time and its been a couple of weeks since we did this project!

If you are stuck inside to make these feeders then at least lay down a blanket, newspaper or cardboard to catch the bulk of the mess.


Pinterest- It’s for the Birds

There are so many ideas on pinterest for making bird feeders. From these pine cone bird feeders to bagels and more.


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