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Cracked Heel Treatment

Cracked Heels and Flip Flops just don’t go well together. But I rock it the best I can every year. My feet are crying out for moisture and I have tried a few home remedies. But I must admit, I don’t try very hard. Regardless, when I found a Pinterest pin that made healing cracked heels look simple I figured I may as well give it a shot!

Cracked Heel Home Remedy Treatment Ingredient

You will need a handful of white rice, a couple tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey and Olive Oil.

coarse rice flour Use a grinder, I used a coffee grinder, to make coarse rice flour from the rice. Be sure it remains coarse so it can be the exfoliant in this cracked heel treatment remedy.

add ingredients to rice flour

Add a tablespoon of honey and apple cider vinegar.

mix up the ingredients to a paste

Mix up the cracked heel treatment ingredients. It should form a paste.

add olive oil

If you have badly cracked feet you can add a tablespoon or so of olive oil. (I made the mistake of letting my 3 year old pour the olive in and got a little more than I really needed)

mix up and let sit if needed

If you need to, you can let it sit for a half hour or so and it will turn back into a paste. During that half hour you need to soak your feet for at least 20 minutes. This was my favorite part!

exfoliate your cracked heels

Using the paste like an exfoliator, rub the cracked heel treatment into your feet for two minutes and then rinse off.


The PinTriedIt Cracked Heel Treatment Verdict

After completing this test my feet felt very soft- most likely thanks to the olive oil. But I could not physically see a difference. So, I decided to use it again the next day. Still no change.

I figured this must be one of those things you have to do for an extended time before you see results. So I did it again the next day.

No change.

This batch makes up enough cracked heel treatment to use every day for a couple of weeks. But after 3 days of using and having only mildly visible results. I don’t see any reason in continuing this.

I should probably just drink more water!

Check out the Before and After Results:


cracked heal treatment before and after




  1. Onda says

    Petroleum jelly/ Vaseline does the trick for me– after a hot bath or shower, while I’m cooling off, I rub some vaseline into my dry as corn husk heels, put on a pair of bed socks or foot warmers (washable, of course). Good to go for couple of weeks or so. Think it is suppose to hold your own moisture in, rather than any magical interaction with the hard stuff. Works wonders for me each time.

  2. Alice says

    Lanolin is the only way to go! Forget all those water-based packaged products. Lanolin is thick, and initially will feel very sticky, but your skin will absorb it. If you shower before bed like I do, you can apply it then. Use generously if your heels are very cracked and dry. Slip on a pair of socks and the next morning you WILL see a difference. Maintenance is just a thin layer rubbed in. If you are wearing socks to work, you could slather it on and let it moisturize your feet during the day.

    You can get the best deal by visiting online places that sell soap making ingredients. Lanolin is also good mixed with mineral oil and beeswax for a leather conditioner.

  3. Stephanie says

    Just found your website and I love it. Thanks for doing all the hard work for us! I have to disagree on this one though. We just made this at my son’s second grade holdiay party and it was a blast. We used two parts corn starch to one part shaving cream (no food coloring though!) and ours turned out great. It took a bit of mooshing (which the kids loved) but within minutes we ended up with foam “snow balls”. The texture was great for playing with.

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