Remove Carpet Stains with an Iron

Carpet Stain Removal

PinTriedIt Reader Question:

“I am wondering if you have tried any of the DIY carpet cleaner / spot remover pins?  I have some bad stains on my carpet and have no idea which pin to use (there are a few with different ingredients).” -Lisa

Thank you Lisa for this awesome question! In fact, Cassie and I have been anxious to try out this Pinterest Pin by One Good Thing that claims you can remove carpet stains with ammonia, water and a clothes iron. I really had a lot of doubts about this DIY method to remove carpet stains. I have been told time and again to never apply heat to a stain or you will set it. But at the same time, I know my carpet cleaner uses heat and it works really well. My curiosity about this carpet stain removal method had me torn. So of course, I tried it out as soon as I received Lisa’s email.

How to Remove Carpet Stains


Carpet Stain Remover

To begin removing your carpet stain mix 1 part HOT water with 1 part ammonia and spray the stain liberally. Be aware that Ammonia is a powerful chemical and the odor is quite strong! While spraying your stain have your clothes iron warming up near you.

Carpet Stain Removal Safety

After you have pre-treated your stain with the ammonia and water mixture, place a towel over the stain. Then with your hot iron begin ironing out the stain. When you pick up your towel you will quickly be able to measure how much of the stain was removed and is now on your towel!

Carpet Stain Removal Verdict:

This method to remove carpet stains definitely works. It took out several major stains from my living room carpet. However, this effective carpet stain remover has its problems. First, the ammonia smell is basically over-bearing. I had to open doors on a 40 degree day to air out the chemicals. The steam that rises while removing the stain can burn your eyes and your nose if you are not careful. It did not take me long to realize I needed to take more precautions and had to put on safety glasses and cover my face. I didn’t finish removing the stained area because I could not longer take it!

Another concern is how quickly carpet burns if it catches on fire. Thankfully Ammonia is not highly flammable but anytime you are placing something like a hot iron over flammable carpet-  I would take extra precautions.


This is a Pin-Proved-It for now as it can definitely remove carpet stains. In 30 days I will return here and on our Facebook Page to share if the stain returns!


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  1. Lisa W says

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for trying this out…I will definitely try this (but wait until my kids are out of the house!)
    Thanks again!!


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