Sharpie Marker Tie Dye T-shirts

There is nothing more groovy than a tie dye t-shirt! Tie Dye t-shirts are somewhat easy to make, they are just messy when

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you have kids “helping” you make them. I was overjoyed when I saw a pin on Pinterest for making your own tie dye t-shirts with a Sharpie marker! They looked just as good as the old fashioned tie dye, and seemed much easier and less messy to make…so we decided to give making Sharpie Marker Tie Dye T-shirts a try.

Sharpie marker tie dye tshirts with alcohol by pintriedit


What you need to make Sharpie Marker Tie Dye T-shirts:

  • T-shirts
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Alcohol
  • Rubber Bands
  • Plastic cups

Sharpie marker tie dye

First you start by placing your cup in between the front and back of the shirt, then wrap a rubber band around it. Or you can be like us and do all of them at once! 🙂

sharpie marker tshirts

After you have your cups securely placed, it is time to get creative! Take your sharpie marker and draw a design!

sharpie marker tie dye tshirts

Once you have drawn all of your designs drawn on your Sharpie Marker Tie Dye T-shirts, it is time to take your dropper (full of alcohol) and drop a few drops onto the center of each design you have drawn.

sharpie and tie dye tshirt

Can you see how the colors start to fade together? In the original Sharpie Marker Tie Dye T-shirts pin it said to only use a few drops, but we found that we needed more. So use your best judgment, but don’t overdo it! LOL

sharpie marker tie dye blow dryer setting

In the original pin it said nothing about breaking out your hair dryer and using it on the shirts, but… Miranda and I got very carried away with the alcohol…or should we just say I got carried away with it. LOL We had to dry the shirts a little before we placed them in the dryer to set the color. The main reason that we did this is because we were afraid that it was to wet, and the colors would fade onto each other or onto the dryer itself. So, after you take the cups out of the shirt, you have to place your shirt/shirts into the dryer to set them. We did a cotton setting for 20 minutes to set ours. And sure enough, it was just as pretty as when it went into the dryer.

Sharpie marker tie dye tshirts with alcohol

Pretty cool huh! The true test would be whether or not the shirt would look this great after it is washed… Well…..

sharpie marker tie dye after the wash


As you can see, the Sharpie Marker Tie Dye T-shirts don’t look nearly

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as great after they have been washed. I was very disappointed that the color didn’t stay. I hate to call this a pin fail, because it is such a fun thing to do. This would be great for something that you never plan to wash, or something that you only plan on using once. We followed the instructions step by step, and this is how it turned out. If anyone has any ideas on how to get the color to stay…..I would LOVE to know them! 🙂


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  1. Kristy says

    I don’t know a way to make the colors stay, but I wanted to add my experience with sharpie markers. I have 3 kids in school who have to wear uniforms and with them all nearly wearing the same size I had the idea to put thei initials on the colar of the shirt and waist band of their pants. Since they also wear same size socks I buy one pack and split it up so I put an initial on the bottom os the socks as well. Well as for the shirts and pants go the sharpie has stayed in place so far after 3 mns, but as for the socks no they haven’t. I’ve had to reapply the sharpie ink, and they’ve faded on most once again. So Sharpie maybe good on some fabric but not most and be prepaid for it to possibly fade completely.

  2. says

    Not sure if it would work with sharpies, but whenever I print or write on fabric, I soak it in white vinegar for at least 5 minutes. The colors never wash out after that. Good luck!

  3. jody says

    most projects like this, if dried in dryer first will not fade or at least not fade as much. Indeed some projects require it, as well as the fabric have at least more than half cotton; I do not know if this is the case for this situation.


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