Sock Swiffer Covers

A while back Miranda posted an Easy Crochet Swiffer Cover, as easy as it may be for her or an avid crocheter…it is not so easy for me! As hard as I have tried, I am NOT a crocheter! Trust me! I once made a “dish cloth” That ended up being a super hero cape for my daughters barbie dolls! I am awful! So, I thought we would test a swiffer cover for those of us less talented in the crochet department… Sock Swiffer Covers!

Sock Swiffer Covers...Pin Tested!


This is a very easy pin to do, and NO crocheting required!!! (Much to my delight) Actually, there isn’t even any sewing required! All you need is a swiffer, and some of those fuzzy socks…you know the ones I am talking about. The ones that friends and relatives get you for Christmas that sit in the bottom of your drawer year after year!
We tested this pin at Miranda’s house and she has tiny feet, so we had to use two socks…one for each side. If we had tested it at my house, we wouldn’t need two socks…we wouldn’t even need all of one. I have HUGE Sasquatch feet that would make Chewbacca jealous!

How to use your Sock Swiffer Covers:

Just pull the socks over the swiffer and sweep!

Cleaning with a swiffer sock cover


Look at Miranda, isn’t she doing a great job…just swiffering away whistling a happy tune. Not really whistling, but doesn’t that

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paint a pretty picture? 🙂

You may be asking “Well, does it work?” and “How well does it really work?”…well, what do you think?

swiffer sock cover


Miranda had just swiffered her floor the day before, so I would have to say that it worked very well!

Our Results:

Well, the original pin that we looked at showed one sock. First I thought that the person testing the pin must have giant Sasquatch feet like me, because when Miranda and I tried a larger and longer sock, it wouldn’t fit. We came to the conclusion that the sock from the original post probably didn’t belong to someone with giant feel like mine, they just had stretchier socks! Overall, I would say that the Sock Swiffer Covers pin works Great, and you can easily wash it in the washing machine and use it over and over again! Finally something to do with the dozens of pairs of fuzzy sweaty feet socks!


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  1. Lynda Treen says

    I tried this and it WORKS!!!!!! I had some huge stretchy socks that were too big for me because they had stretched out so much. I was able to slip one on the Swiffer and went for it. Oh my did it work great. From now on this is the one for me even though I crochet and have made several covers in the past. So I will be looking for stretching socks that are super fuzzy on sale. Love it!!!!

  2. says

    I have it bad when it comes to laundry bsuacee of Jiu Jitsu. I have to wear a clean gi every night, sweaty old gis are disgusting and aren’t tolerated. I’m at the laundromat every few days.Cyrus Palmer recently posted..

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