Straighten Hair with Brown Sugar and Water?

My hair has multiple personalities. It is naturally wavy, straight and curly.

Unfortunately for me, parts of my hair dry perfectly straight while others are a mix of wavy to curly. Basically my hair looks like one big mess if I let it air dry. When I want to have a good hair day I am stuck damaging my hair with products or heat.  To straighten I generally use my blow dryer and brush or I will sometimes use a flat iron. When I want to embrace the curly side of my hair- I pack it full of products that enhance curl.

So, when I ran across a way to straighten my hair without the heat damage I was so excited! The image pinned to Pinterest was of a woman with long beautiful hair. It was straight, shiny and looked very healthy. But it claimed you can straighten hair with brown sugar and water. huh? brown SUGAR? Wouldn’t that just make my hair sticky?

Well, I decided to give it a shot.

Straighten Hair with Brown Sugar and Water?

Straighten Hair with Brown Sugar and Water


So I followed the directions: To Straighten Hair with Brown Sugar and Water add 2 tablespoons of Brown Sugar to a Cup of water and mix in a spray bottle. Apply to damp hair and let air dry.

As you can tell above, my hair was far from straight. It was like I had put way too much gel in my hair- giving it a crunchy look and feel. Not only was my hair sticky but my hands and everywhere my hair had been touching while drying was sticky too!


I don’t even understand how or why this originated. Clearly it was not tested by anyone who has been passing this horrible Pin around!?!



You CANNOT straighten hair with brown sugar and water! PinFAIL!


  1. MsKat says

    I’m thinking that the person left out the part where after it dries it’s supposed to get smoothed with an iron of some sort…her hair even looks like an iron smoothed it, it is too uniformly straight. Half the story. I’m also thinking that the person who originated this ‘idea’ was meaning to show it as a way to replace something like a Brazilian blowout, maybe? Not sure I would want to heat sugar onto my hair shaft though…

    • Miranda says

      That is possibly very true. I know I would have been very worried about adding heat to the sugar sap in my hair already though.

    • Kristina says

      OMG! NO DO NOT APPLY A HOT IRON TO IT YOUR HAIR WILL BREAK COMPLETELY OFF! Such a bad idea and I am speaking from experience. I know you are not suggesting this method and just guessing that maybe they left it out. But when I read that an iron might be involved I was scared for all ladies who were going to try this. The picture is just false advertising. What a bust.

  2. Vickie says

    Yep. I tried it this morning. Fail. Fail. Fail.
    I have ridiculously thick naturally curly hair already, so of course, I sprayed extra to make sure that I got it on all of my hair. I am now left with a nasty, sticky, mop on my head that I can not even brush through. Not sure what I was thinking when I decided to try this. Why on Earth would it ever be a good idea to put an almost syrup substance in my hair!? Also, my bathroom floor is covered with stickiness now. So when I will spend this afternoon rewashing my hair and mopping my bathroom floor. :/

  3. Elizabeth says

    I was about to try this but didn’t think it would work! Thank goodness I didn’t and thank you for your blog! Thanks for saving me a hair nightmare!!

  4. K says

    I think this was probably someone’s idea of a joke. Put a ridiculous sounding “tip” on pinterest and see how many people repin it.

  5. Barb says

    There are a lot of prank pins on pinterest. The worst I ever saw was the one where they tried to make you think that you can smash mirrors into bits, spread them on the floor, then cover all that with epoxy or urethane, the way some people cover a surface with pennies and cover that with urethane. People actually repinned that crazy idea too. The first time I saw that pin about straightening hair with sugar water I knew it was a prank. It doesn’t even make sense from a chemical perspective.

    • Miranda says

      See I wondered if this was a prank too, which made me want to test it even more lol. But when I looked it up on Google I found that even Seventeen Magazine shared this as a tip…of course they could have been duped just like the rest of us! lol

  6. Debbie says

    I tried it this morning and my hair was so sticky and knotty from it so I will stick with my straightening iron. I had a feeling this would turn out bad but curiosity won and I tried it

  7. Jeimy says

    I was about to try this, but I decided to look it up first. Thank GOD I found this site. Thank you fo trying and letting us know.

  8. Ashley says

    I know someone who tried this and it looked amazing afterward! It normally only works on fine, thin, straight hair. Combing every 30mins can also help.

  9. says

    I just did this on my hair and I have no problems with stickness of anything it didn’t straiten my hair completely but it did tame it to where I didn’t have to use a straightener on it. I also did not use 2 tbl spoons of brown sugar I only used 1. And it doesn’t take much I sprayed at my roots brushed and sprayed some at the ends and its fine. Sliding my split ends disappeared.

    • Miranda says

      Thanks Abigail! It was hard to believe this could actually work but it makes sense to use less sugar and less on the hair! Very glad you shared your experience with us.

  10. says

    I tried this a few weeks ago. I have curly hair and I washed my hair before going to church. I didn’t have time to rewash my hair! It looked so bad and was so sticky! It would be better as a hairspray than a straightening spray. I had to pull my hair back into an ugly, lumpy, sticky, ponytail.


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