Toothpaste to Renew Headlights

Renew Headlights with Toothpaste

A recent Pin on Pinterest claims you can use toothpaste, a dry cloth and water to make grimy old headlights look brand new again.

Could this be true? Could such a simple ingredient and a few minutes of time really Renew Headlights?


Let’s put it to the test:

We are not sure if the type of toothpaste you have matters.

The original pin does not say. We have Crest 3D White.

Here is the Grimy Old Headlight we will be testing!

Will this magic Pin work?…The anticipation is rising!

Rub the toothpaste into the headlight with the dry cloth

in a circular motion until the grime comes off…

or your hand falls off (whichever happens first).



This is suppose to be the part we all gasp at how easy and effective this Pin was…

sorry to dissapoint you! There is a little difference here!

But it looks more like the headlight was cleaned.

It sure does not look brand new like the Pinterest Pin had claimed!

However, after a few hours, the headlight began to look just like it did before!

This was sadly PinTriedit FAIL!




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  1. says

    Ha, this was interesting! You can see the difference, but like you said, it just looks cleaned. Makes you wonder what toothpaste really does – only cleans the surface or deep within? Hmmm.

    • Miranda says

      Very good point Katie. Others are also reporting a return of dully and dingy with a little time. I feel the type of toothpaste could make all the different though.

  2. Jess says

    I have heard that Crest kids toothpaste will remove scratches…even renew a scratched dvd. I guess there are micro-abrassion particles inside. Sounds a little far fetched, though.

  3. Katey Carr says

    I tried this with a baking soda tooth paste. I thought it worked really well. My headlights were awful. For the $.75 it cost me, I thought it worked really well. The dealership told me it would cost $130 to polish and buff. I thought it was a success.

  4. Hannah says

    My dad had really gross and grimy headlights on his car. He told me he used a magic eraser to scrub em clean. It took a bit of muscle but in the end his headlights looked really nice! I have yet to try it on my own car, because let’s face it I am kinda lazy, and I don’t think about it until I actually look at my headlights. But I think I am going to give it a shot now that I am thinking about it!

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