Valentine’s Day Card Free Printable

Valentine's Day Card Free Printable


There are so many fun ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts being pinned to Pinterest. I am personally the most excited when I see DIY Valentine Cards for exchanges at school. My daughter is in Kindergarten this year, so it will be her first big exchange. So, Cassie and I designed this fun Valentine’s Day Card Free Printable to use and share with you!

Considering how crunched for time I have been lately- it’s tempting to simply grab a box of pre-made cards of my daughter’s favorite character. But then we would miss out on all the fun that Valentine’s Day has to offer when you have young kids! Plus, it will hopefully create memories and boost her confidence when she brings in these beautiful butterfly Valentine’s Day Cards with Blow Pops!


Valentine’s Day Card- Free Printable!

Using some heavy stock paper we are printing out our own Valentine’s Cards! These heart winged butterfly cards will require a sucker that can be held by the card stock in the center.

If you don’t already have card stock then this can be more expensive than the store-bought pre-designed packages. Card stock paper can be a little pricey. We found a package of multi-colored heavy paper at Walmart for $5.00. The Blow Pop Suckers were actually cheaper to buy from the Valentine’s section at $2.78 for 25 pops. (they were slightly more for only 17 in the standard bagged candy section)

But even if you spend money buying card stock and suckers- at least the printable is FREE!

Click here to view the pdf and print.

This will print two cards to each page. Simply cut them out, fold in half then cut small slits to hold the Blow Pop. Label the cards, place the lollipop and they are ready for delivery.


I love this Free Printable Cassie and I created because it is simple to do with my daughter without involving a lot of detailed work. There are some really cute ideas on Pinterest, but when you have to repeat the same craft for 25 different kids– I don’t know if me or my daughter have the patience. These cards are simple to do and will keep your kid’s attention.

Plus! If your school allows homemade candy then you can make your own unique lollipops to use with the cards by following this pin-test we did recently.



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