Vampire Doughnuts for Halloween

Vampire Doughnuts for Halloween

These Vampire Doughnuts really need no introduction. They are the cutest and easiest thing to do this Halloween- kids or no kids! Every doughnut comes with its own personality once you enter those plastic vampire teeth into the center hole. I used cherry flavored morsels for their eyes. Others on pinterest have used things like green skittles, chocolate chip morsels or whatever they can find around their house to use as the vampire doughnut eyes.

While this isn’t exactly a pin that warranted a test to see if it actually worked– it was sure worth doing and sharing! Surprisingly I do have a couple of tips for you though!


Vampire Doughnuts: My Tips

I actually had to search high and low for the plastic vampire teeth.

I was shocked because I thought of it as a typical Halloween novelty item that would be anywhere you can find a costume. I finally found them at my local Dollar Store.

Also, I thought I needed doughnuts with large holes in the middle. So I even left one gas station empty-handed because I thought the holes were too small to put the teeth. I found some Krispy Kreme doughnuts but the holes were narrow as well. But it didn’t matter at all. The teeth can be

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pressed into the hole and will self-adjust.


The kids will love waking up on a crisp Halloween morning to a plate of Vampire Doughnuts! Enjoy this fun Pin-Test with your family.




  1. Lindsey says

    Hi there!
    im doing these for work! I found the teeth right away, on Amazon! But they went up in price a lot in just the past week. I now got them today for super cheap on Oriental trading company, since they have a promo for free shipping. $3.50 total for 72 pairs! 🙂

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